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Why choose frameless glass?

Frameless glass can be installed in a wider range of situations than a number of other fencing options, with less disruption to surfaces on existing buildings.

In new constructions, support footing work can be installed during the construction phase with the glass being installed after other associated trades have reached completion, which helps avoid any unnecessary damage to glass.

The glass is installed 50mm above the ground with stainless steel floor brackets, making the glass easier to clean, and to keep clean.

The gap under the glass alleviates drainage problems because dirt and leaves will not accumulate and cause a build-up of scum and scratching.

The Glass

All glass is AS/NZS 2208 12mm toughened safety glass with a polished, chamfered edge.

The floor brackets

Our floor brackets are constructed from 316 stainless steel engineered and tested to comply with Australian standards and building codes. Floor brackets are more aesthetically pleasing than the traditional method of casting the glass into a channel.

Frameless gates

The safety gates are fully frameless, operating from a hydraulic floor closer.

The gently controlled system avoids breakage from the gate slamming.


frameless glass fencing

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